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As a fellow small business owner, I know how valuable it is to have someone who not only believes in your dream with you but who helps you achieve that dream.

You will find that person when you hire me, Tammie O’Neal of O’Neal Design, for your marketing, design, and website needs. Whether you need to have an effective website built on WordPress, or you need an entire branding package created I can help you achieve your dreams within your business.

O’Neal Design serves businesses throughout Northeast Oklahoma and beyond. Over the years, I’ve seen many trends in design and business come and go. What’s stayed the same is this: a company’s ability to connect with its target audience is directly related to its ability to succeed. That’s why you need customized print and digital services to meet your specific needs.

My experience as a design and marketing professional includes businesses and organizations of all types and sizes but my real passion is working with small business owners. I started O’Neal Design in 1999 and I began designing marketing materials and a website for a medical supply company based in Illinois.  In my second year, I began creating websites. Now, I provide services for entrepreneurs, events, businesses, and organizations using digital, print, and social media.

I took a risk when I started my company and love working with others who are taking that leap of faith to start their own small business. It really takes a special person to say “Hey, I have this dream and I am going to pursue it.” Some start their business while still employed and others jump headlong into running their business. Either way, it’s a risk and a huge commitment.

Starting a business and keeping it going takes more than sleepless nights and drive. It takes wisdom and the ability to find the right people. Hiring me to develop your branding, design your website, or market your business using social media would be a strong move in the right direction because I truly view my clients’ success as my success. I’m not successful unless you’re successful and I take that to heart with each person or company I work with.

So, my questions for you are, do you want to achieve your dreams? Do you need help sharing your story? Clients tell me I’m fun yet professional, and, most importantly, I do high-quality work. Contact me today to see if your project and my services are a good fit!

Send me a message through my contact form and let's get started. My business hours are 9-5pm CST Monday through Thursday and 9-3pm on Friday.

Hi, I am Tammie O'Neal

I help small businesses and nonprofits grow their brand and achieve their goals for profit and growth.

Tammie O'Neal, website design

Tammie O'Neal, Owner
Digital Marketing Specialist
Board Member, Vinita Friends of Route 66
Board Member, Green Country Tourism
Committee Member, Vinita Route 66 Festival

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If you are starting a new business or are looking to improve your existing business, we can help. We can help you to develop a plan for your marketing and visual identity.   Get a 30-minute FREE consultation.  Let's see if we can work together.

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